Current Activities

The Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh, backed up by their Convenery, continue to exist today. Among their purposes are the following:

To promote the welfare of all the trades in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

To encourage young people’s skills by education and apprenticeships.

To look after the wellbeing of their freemen and freewomen, their families and dependents.

To administer the charitable funds for the benefit of the wider community.

To explain the history of Edinburgh’s Incorporated Trades in the light of recent research.

To explain the Trades’ historical connections with, among other matters, the Town Council, the Blue Blanket, the Magdalen Chapel and Mary Erskine.

To conserve and make available for study the collection of the Trades’ artefacts, books and archives kept at Ashfield, 61 Melville Street, Edinburgh.


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This is the trades of Edinburgh website. A site that brings together the historical "Tradds" that exist based on the Seal of Cause.