These three publications are available from the address below for £6 each, plus postage, detailed below.

UK   £2.00 ; plus the book cost at  £6   = £8.00

EU   £4.20; plus the book cost at  £6    = £10.20

USA £5.20 ; plus the book cost at  £6    = £11.20

An additional publication, Flodden and the Blue Blanket is also availalable for £12, postage details below:

UK   £2.40 inc. reinforced envelope plus the book cost at £12. = £14.40

EU   £5.90 plus the book cost  at £12  = £17.90

USA £8.20 plus the book cost  at £12  = £20.20

Soon this volume will be for sale as a PDF download, please use the Contact Us form if you are interested in this option.

If you would like to purchase these books, please enclose a UK cheque or money order to:

61 Mellville Street


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