The Governors of the Fund consisted originally of the Deacons of each of the Incorporated Trades, together with the two Trades Councillors, two persons of the name of Erskine (at the special desire of the co-foundress, Mary Erskine) and nine Additional Governors to be elected annually. To these was later added the Preses of the Society of Barbers (after 1722).

Among the Additional Governors were usually a surgeon and a physician, who looked after the health of the girls, and sometimes a clergyman who acted as their chaplain.

Today’s governors comprise all the Deacons or their representatives, together with some past deacons and others who have something useful to contribute to the management skills of the fund.

TMH. Governors, c.1910

Trades Maiden Hospital Governors (1910)

The Governors are the trustees for the Trades Maiden Hospital and Trades Maiden Fund. They have to decide priorities when it comes to the distribution of their limited funds and they make grants to eligible applicants on that basis.

Deacon-Convener and Governors 2015
Deacon-Convener and Governors

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